Self Treatment & Exercise

Self-Treatment & Exercise programs are designed for people with busy lives or no access to treatment who are living with ongoing persistent or chronic pain. Each program has education about pain, ideas for self-treatment strategies and a progressive exercise program. This is peacefully woven into a program that is only 10 minutes a day for 21 days. It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and change your relationship with your pain and your body.

Meet Naomi

Welcome! I am Naomi Gibbs a registered physiotherapist since 2003, clinical Pilates instructor since 2004, registered anatomical acupuncturist since 2014 and registered women’s health physiotherapist since 2013.

In my experience working as a physiotherapist, people in pain want to feel heard, understood, supported and given direction about how to move forward and recover. The wonderful news is that the new research shows you can give this to yourself. This program is designed to support you through finding empathy, care and direction for yourself in pain. Most importantly it’s about learning to trust your body again and learning how to gradually move your body despite your pain. Get excited about taking care of yourself, making yourself important and finding pleasure in movement.

"Calm, Move, Calm": A Mindful Approach to Movement

Gentle Movements for Pain with Naomi Biggin-Pound

Free Self-Guided Exercise Programs for Pain